About Us

The Natural Herbalist is a wholly owned retail division of Luminescents, one of Europe’s most trusted suppliers of grade A raw herbal material to the industry and to professional individuals alike. It has been established for many years and is a family run concern.

We provide raw, loose,  unprocessed herbal material only with no additives in any way. We harvest, dry, cut or grind (if appropriate) and package. None of the products is irradiated or from GM sources and no indisciminate use of pesticides or fertilizers has been used in their production. Those that are farmed come from ethical growers only. Those that are wild collected are from sustainable sourcing, including those items on the restricted, scheduled or CITES register of endangered species.

We are noted for the provision of rare and hard to find raw herbal material as well as stocking the familiar and common herbs. The rare and hard to find material, in particular, is the result of a significant investment both financial and in time and travel, for us to be able to offer for public sale. We are not a discount house, a sort of pile it high and sell it quick emporium, so to speak. We sell the rare items in affordable and small quantities but we cannot offer discounts on the prices shown.

Many of the products are certified organic but those of you who know us, also know that we have very strong views on the meaning of organic. It has become, in our opinion, a bit of a buzz word and is all too often misunderstood by the general public.

We might not be the greatest fans of the word but we do wholeheartedly subscribe to the original principles behind the organic message. We are all for knowing that a crop has not been deliberately sprayed with pesticide or the ground in which it is grown has not been intensively farmed with indiscriminate use of fertilisers – many of the items are harvested wild in any case and not farmed.

Our stock originates from almost every country in the world, the very nature of our materials and the rarity of some means that we have suppliers in some of the remotest parts of the world, in countries where organic certification and accreditation simply do not exist.

We make strenuous efforts to ensure that supplies come from sustainable and vertifiable sources so that where no organic accreditation can be obtained, our best efforts to ensure ethical cropping and harvesting takes place. Where appropriate, stock has been independently tested for Sudan and Para Red contamination. All herbs and spices have been through microbial checks for contamination purposes and nothing which has not received a 100% pass mark is accepted for onward sale.

We cannot, by law, make up mixes for people based upon their recipes. We are retailers of raw materials for sale to those who wish to do so themselves. Nor can we enter into recommendations or suggestions for how to use or self administer any of the products listed.