Terms & Conditions


we, as a supply company, do not work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We do not work at weekends nor on any public holiday.


The Natural Herbalist does not provide samples of any herbs and spices, gums, resins or tea. the items are pre-packed retail products.


The Natural Herbalist does not supply goods on a Sale or Return basis or On Approval. If you make a purchase then that purchase stands and no returns will be considered under such terms unless the items received are faulty or not as described.


This business does not operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and its warehouse is located rurally so The Royal mail does not pick up parcels every day.


We do not publish a printed catalogue – the cost is prohibitive and we provide far more UP TO DATE detailed information on all our products on this website than similar sites with a smaller range. This website IS our catalogue. Please don’t ask us to mail you a copy of something we will probably never have printed. We have far too much respect for our planet and its natural resources to fund any more exploitation of our trees by the needless printing of a catalogue when we live in an ever increasingly paperless and electronic world. To request a printed catalogue, in our opinion, from this company is to fundamentally misunderstand the medium being used to request it.


A Best Before date is a recommendation only and NOT an Expiry Date

Because we do not sell old or rejected herbs and spices (all our stock is grade A premium quality) we shorten the best before dates from the manufacturer or grower by up to 6 months deliberately so that you can rest assured if you receive stock approaching its best before date – it still has a up to a full 6 months beyond the best before date before you should consider not using it. Best Before dates are a guideline only and do not mean that the item should not be used or is in any way anything other than not at its best beyond that date.


Some of the more obscure items for sale, rare and not to be found elsewhere easily, are hand made by villagers in remote parts of the world using traditional methods employed for centuries, and indeed in some cases for millenia, These items are not factory made, manufactured or processed. Naturally they are organic, and are not subject to factory based legislation for comestibles within the EU. The EU allows for a small percentage of foreign material to be present in all comestibles simply because it is impossible to guarantee its absence but in the case of ethnically produced rare items, your purchasing of them indicates that you have understood this to be the case and The Natural Herbalist accepts no reponsibility for its consequences.


We do not sell processed herbal supplements in encapsulated or in pill form, nor processed extracts or any other branded goods – We are a raw material supplier where each product contains no additives, preservatives or other material. It is all pure herbal material so if you are looking for branded supplements, vitamin pills and proprietary goods made by large herbal manufacturers – you will not find them here.


Tinctures and Herbal Liquid Extracts are considered an easy way in which to take herbal remedies, simply because they require no preparation on your part, however, under the Herbal Directive of 2011, they are considered finished medicinal products.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions during the checkout process, you are confirming that you are either a registered practitioner entitled to purchase these types of product or that any tinctures, glycerates, herbal liquid extracts or similar items are intended only for animal use.

The Natural Herbalist will not be held liable for a purchaser’s failure to adhere to the terms and conditions.


This website is not a trade website and the goods on sale are retailed for personal use only. We are not able to provide you with Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) certification or a Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

If you are ordering a product from this website in order to manufacture goods for forward sale rather than personal use and where such certification is a requirement of the order then you should be aware that the law requires you to have a safety test carried out on your product before it can be licensed for onward sale to the public. MSDS and COA certification is not necessarily a condition for safety testing but can be useful, however manufacturers do not and should not expect a retailer to be the supplier of raw material for the ongoing manufacture of products for foward sale to the public at large.

If you are intending to purchase an ingredient from The Natural Herbalist for use in a product you are creating for forward sale, it is important for you to understand that you MUST have your final product tested by an approved lab for safety. No COFA or MSDS certification will cover you for this.

The Natural Herbalist wll not be held liable for orders placed or executed and delivered where certification is requested after the placement of the order or despatch or receipt of the goods.


No part of this website may be copied or reproduced, in whole, or in part, nor is any release or permission given other than the display of these pages on a monitor screen. All rights reserved.

Every effort has been made to ascertain, identify and obtain permission for any non original material, whether text, graphic or photographic in nature, used on this site.

If you believe that there is material which is infringing copyright then you MUST communicate your concern to the webmaster at The Natural Herbalist Group in the first instance at …………….
Any alleged infringment of copyright will require proof of ownership of the disputed material , however any image or text being questioned will be removed whilst investigation in undertaken. Any material not obviously shown to have copyright ownership will be considered to be in the public domain. The Natural Herbalist Group and all of its subsidiaries will accept no responsibility for its inclusion on any site although will treat any submission seriously.


No-one at The Natural Herbalist will EVER see or be able to see any password you choose to operate an account rather than purchase as a guest. If you use a hotmail address as a part of your account details it is quite likely that you will not receive any confirmation e-mails by return from this site nor will you be able to adequately re-set your password should you forget it. Legitimate e-mails from commercial sites like this one are often treated as spam by Hotmail and are deleted before ever reaching your inbox or sent straight to the spam box in your inbox. 90% of e-mail users never check their spam box!


When placing an order through this website you are agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions of sale of products through the website which are non negotiable. In so doing you are making a payment in return for the purchase and shipping of items you have chosen to the address of your choice. You may cancel an order up to the point where it is shipped, thereafter you may only return items which are faulty or not as described. Returns will not be accepted for items usealed after your receipt of them unless they are faulty in some way.


The Natural Herbalist reserves the right to cancel an order without notice or explanation and will issue a refund should this occur. The Natural Herbalist reserves the right to remove and/or unsubscribe any purchaser’s account without explanation.

Please be aware that by placing an order you have accepted the terms and conditions under which orders are accepted by The Natural Herbalist which are not negotiable. The Natural Herbalist makes no commitment to process an order within any given time scale, especially if the order contains rare, precious or hard to find or seasonal items items for which the company is renowned, nor will it enter into any correspondence regarding the same. Those items marked as special orders on the page from which they may be purchased or are handmade upon your purchasing instructions are just that and may not be returned for any reason. Placing a special order implies that you have read, understood and accepted our terms and conditions about which you are reminded upon receipt of acknowledgment of order and processing communications.

Orders placed, no matter for what product, will be despatched as soon as is practicable but if you order an item that happens to be rare, precious, seasonal or difficult to obtain, then please show some patience.

It is your reponsibility to ensure that when creating an account you make sure that all the details are entered correctly. The data you enter is what will be used to create labels and if your address information is incorrect then you will, at worst, not receive your order or, at best, it will be delayed. An incorrect e-mail address will mean you will receive no progress mails on your order. The Natural Herbalist will not accept any liability under such circumstances and a refund will only be made when and if the item is returned to us as undeliverable by The Royal Mail. No-one at The Natural Herbalist can make a change to data you have entered – you can change it at any time but we can’t – we can see your billing address, despatch address (if different) and your e-mail address only.

All orders trigger e-mails sent to the e-mail address you have registered at the time of creating your account. An acknowledgment, and information mails are sent automatically and receipts ARE received from the ISP where your e-mail account is registered. PLEASE CHECK YOUR E MAIL including your spam box in case you have filters set far too high but if you still have not received e-mails then alert your ISP and log into your account at The Natural Herbalist and check your account – all order mailings are copied there and a full audit trail is provided – including information mails.

Some Medicinal Herbs are classed as hazardous substances and must be handled correctly. They are subject to customs and excise inspections and consequent delays as many are sourced from outside the EU which can delay any processing of an order.