We ship all over the world. All carriage rates are based upon The Royal Mail’s rates and all parcels will be sent using only The Royal Mail’s signed for delivery program which will require the recipient, no matter where they might be located in the world, to sign for their delivery.

If you are in the UK then your order will be shipped 2nd class recorded delivery unless otherwise specified which means you may track it. You will be advised of a tracking number the day after it is collected by The Royal Mail which is when the tracking number is confirmed to us. We  will only ship using signed for delivery with the Royal Mail.

Please  ensure that someone is available to take the delivery and sign for your parcel.

No-one at The Natural Herbalist can do this for you.

Please allow up to 28 days for your products to be delivered although, in practise, it is usually no more than a few days from confirmation and payment of your order before you receive it if you live within the UK unless the item ordered is not in stock at the time of your order. The USA and mainland Europe takes, on average, around 10 days if your location is mainstream urban, if rural then, in our experience, it takes quite a bit longer, especially in America where US Customs can delay anything.  Elsewhere in the wold can take quite a bit longer.

Confirmation of despatch means that the item/s ordered have been placed in the Royal Mail pickup area of this complex so, for instance, confirmation of despatch on a Sunday means that the item is already in The Royal Mail’s hands but will not be processed by them until first thing on the next working day.

When you receive confirmation of despatch which is an automated e-mail with receipted delivery notification, then please be aware that this is confirmation that the item you have ordered has been deposited for collection by The Royal Mail and is reliant upon them from thereon. As soon as a parcel arrives in its destination country, if outside the UK, then from that point on, the delivery to you is the responsibility of that domestic country’s postal service and has nothing to do with the Royal Mail.

Outside the EU, all parcels must have a customs declaration on them. It is not the responsibility of The Natural Herbalist , or any of its subsidiaries, to include or pay a separate sovereign nation’s customs duties so please be aware that as a customer it is your responsibility to pay customs duty if applicable in the country you reside in.


Plant material is a restricted postal item in many countries around the world with Australia and New Zealand, being perhaps, the most vigorous in ensuring they keep a check on what comes into their countries so that an audit trail from the merchant to the purchaser has to, by law in such countries, be established. Only a parcel tracking system and a signed for (recorded delivery) can ensure this and allows the purchaser to check on the whereabouts of their parcel at any time depending on its destination.

Not all countries operate a tracking AND a signed for service however and you will be advised in your despatch notification as to your parcel’s status with tracking numbers etc if applicable.

All countries where tracking and signed for deliveries are optioned belong to the International Postal Union and whilst the updating of a parcel’s progress will be on the Royal Mail’s tracking site, the Royal Mail itself, is only responsible for your parcel to the point where it has left the UK’s shores and arrives at the port of destination at which point it is the responsibility of the local domestic postal carrier ( The US Postal Service, for instance, in the USA)  who report on its progress within the country of destination using their own tracking systems which, because of their membership of the International Postal Union, is copied across to Royal Mail’s systems. All these systems are interlinked.

We also receive around 5% of orders where the delivery address is just plainly wrong – the purchaser has not checked what they have written in the delivery instructions (from where ALL websites derive their parcel labels) and without a tracking service it is impossible for us or the final delivery company to trace a parcel that will have gone missing in such circumstances. We cannot accept liability for the misaddressing of parcels where the delivery address is derived from the input of the purchaser.

It is the purchasers responsibility to ENSURE that they check and correct any anomoly in their billing and/or delivery address – we cannot do this for the purchaser. If you realise that you have made a mistake just after placing an order then you can e mail us with the correction you wish to make and we will confirm, or otherwise, if we are able to manually change a delivery address on your parcel ( which is usually the case )

If, however, no correction is made to an inaccurate address and the parcel is already posted then we will refund the purchase price of the items as soon as the parcel is returned to us and not before. This may be a matter of days or weeks depending upon the parcel’s final intended destination.


Just as we, as a supply company, do not work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year neither does any postal service anywhere in the world. There are usually no postal delivery services on a Sunday or a Public Holiday.


There are some countries in the world where we cannot post some items included on this website due to local restrictions on imports or EU restrictions on exports. In such cases we will advise upon ordering. Should your domestic Customs and Excise department confiscate and destroy any item you have ordered because of local restrictions on the importation of any goods you may have ordered then The Natural Herbalist accepts no liability under such circumstances and will make no refund. It is your responsibility to make yourself aware of your own country’s restrictions before placing any orders.

Orders may be declined without reason at the discretion of the company.


Please DO NOT e-mail or telephone to ask what the postal charges are. No-one here can tell you – they are worked out by the Royal Mail’s postal module based upon the weight of the item/s you order (only the system knows that) and the destination (which only you know) – suffice to say all rates are The Royal Mail’s normal shipping rates. Simply add items to your basket, go to checkout and the system works out the postal charges for you, gives you options, if any,  before you ever get anywhere near to making a payment.


Please DO NOT specify a delivery day or date with your order. This cannot be met.

Please be aware that having received notification of despatch, this merely means that your parcel is now in the Royal Mail’s system


Please  ensure that someone is available to take the delivery and sign for your parcel. Should that not be possible then you can telephone the Royal Mail to re-schedule a delivery to suit you or to arrange collection. All enquiries should be directed, first and foremost, to the Royal Mail on 08459 272100 or use the track and trace service by logging on to quoting the code you will have been advised.

If your destination is within the UK Mainland, the delivery of your parcel is now with the Royal Mail and is their responsibility and entirely governed by the Royal Mail Charter. Unless you have requested and paid for a signed for guaranteed delivery (known as SPECIAL DELIVERY for which Royal Mail terms and conditions apply), you cannot query the delivery of your parcel for 15 working days from the date of despatch and whilst most parcels within the UK take nowhere near as long as this, occasionally due to circumstances within the Royal Mail, delivery can take longer, especially to remote locations. Your first point of call will be with The Royal Mail using their website and quoting the tracking number for your parcel which you will have been supplied by e-mail.


The process is the same as for Mainland UK but takes longer and for some destinations like Jersey and The Isle of Man a Customs Declaration for will be attached to your parcel.

If you have asked for a note to the postman to be attached to your parcel leaving the item at another location should you not be available to take delivery yourself, you do so at your own risk and such instruction negates any responsibility for the delivery of the item by this company or any of its subsidiaries and no refund or replacement will be made.


For locations within the rest of the EU, you cannot query your delivery for 28 working days. A proof of postage registration number IS advised upon despatch – please check your e-mail. Your first point of call should be your domestic postal service.


For the rest of the world, your domestic mail service should be your first point of contact after 28 days from notification of despatch. Customs and Excise declaration forms will be attached to your parcel and your domestic Customs and Excise agency may well open your parcel before delivery to you – any duties to be paid are the responsibility of the purchaser.


If for some reason you feel that the product you have ordered is not as described or arrives damaged, please return it to us and we will make either a full refund or re-place the item if it is damaged in any way as soon as it is received – whichever you prefer.

The Natural Herbalist accepts no responsibility nor liability for goods ordered in error or ordered with conditions attached to the order that The Natural Herbalist has not expressly accepted beforehand and will not consider a refund under such circumstances as a matter of course. Special orders for handmade goods cannot be accepted back for a refund.